Michael S. Williams, MA, BSOE, MAJ, USAF (Ret)

E-mail: mike@sierramed.org
Mr. Williams has been involved in emergency medical services (EMS) and disaster response since 1971 serving at all levels. He is currently the Dean of the International Center for Prehospital and Disaster Medicine and COO for SEMSA. He has been the regional CEO in the southeast and southwest United States for the nation's largest publicly traded ambulance corporation. He also served as the Vice President of EMS and Trauma at the Grady Health System in Atlanta, Georgia where he oversaw hospital disaster response for the metropolitan area. He is the former EMS Director for the State of Florida and was appointed the Acting State Health Officer for the response to Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Mike retired after twenty years in the United States Air Force where he served in a variety of enlisted and officer positions including combat roles in Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Somalia. He is a former Assistant Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy and currently serves on the faculty of the Defense Medical Readiness Training Institute, the Defense Institute for Medical Operations, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Emergency Management Institute and lectures around the world on Prehospital and Disaster Medicine topics. He is the Vice Chair of the Quality Review Committee for the National Disaster Life Support Foundation. Mike is completing his PhD dissertation at Capella University on crisis decision making under the mentorship of Dr. Raj Singh of Capella University and the University of Southern California, Dr. Christine Pearson of the Thunderbird International School of Global Management, and Dr. Jay Avella of Capella University.

Alan Dobrowolski, RN

E-mail: alan@sierramed.org
Mr. Dobrowolski has been involved in emergency medical services (EMS) since 1979 serving at many levels. He is currently the Director of the International Center for Prehospital and Disaster Medicine and a flight nurse with Sierra Medical Services Alliance (SEMSA). He began his EMS career as a volunteer EMT and worked for many years as a paramedic for both urban EMS systems and the Department of Energy's Nevada Test Site. He then obtained his nursing degree and worked as a helicopter flight nurse before joining REMSA as their Clinical Director. Alan spent several years in the Air Force as a Flight Nurse with the Wyoming and Minnesota Air National Guard and was activated during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Alan has extensive experience as a Tactical Medic and helped form the TEMS team in Reno, NV. He also volunteers with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff.

Bradford Lee, M.D., JD, Colonel, USAF (Ret) 
Associate Dean

E-mail: blee@ICPDM.org
Dr. Lee was Board Certified in Emergency Medicine in 1983.  He is also a Fellow of the American College of Legal Medicine.  He is the former State Health Officer for Nevada.  He is currently the Medical Director for the tactical medics of the Regional EMS Authority responding to call outs for three different SWAT teams in the Reno area.  Faculty appointments include the University of Nevada, Reno, the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, the Global Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Assistance at the University of South Florida and the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.

Alan L. Moloff, D.O., Colonel, USA (Ret)
Associate Dean

E-mail: amoloff@ICPDM.org
Dr. Moloff is Board Certified in Aerospace, Undersea and Disaster Medicine. He is the past president of the Special Operations Medical Association, Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association and American College of Preventative Medicine. He is a founding member of the American Board of Disaster Medicine and is a Disaster Life Support instructor. Dr. Moloff retired after 30 years in the United States Army where he served in a variety of special operations and medical positions. Faculty appointments include Professor, the Medical College of Georgia, Department of Emergency Medicine and Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine and Senior Medical Officer for the Global Center for Disaster Medicine and Humanitarian Assistance at the University of South Florida.


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