International Center for Prehospital and Disaster Medicine


The International Center for Prehospital & Disaster Medicine (ICPDM), a service of SEMSA (Sierra Medical Services Alliance), was established to provide education and training experiences to the widest audience possible from the health care professions. Such experiences are offered in a traditional classroom environment and through modes of distance learning that allows students in rural, frontier, and international areas equal access whenever possible.

Most programs are experiential that concentrate on exercises and hands-on training. Courses offered focus on prehospital and disaster care to the victims of illness and injury along with man-made and natural disasters. Other areas presented include appropriate responses to such incidents, integration of appropriate resources and leadership training to the managers of such incidents and organizations that respond to them.

The Institute supports and promotes academic research and scholarly publications on areas related to its mission. Through its partners, the Center provides academic credit or certificates for all of its offerings.


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